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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Marvel - Marvellous

The Sign Records have rapidly become one of my favorite hard rock labels. The Swedes seem desperate to put out material that reflects the magic of late 70s hard rock. The latest such offering from their stable is Marvellous, a four song EP from glam rockers Marvel. this is a record that delivers on high powered rock and roll bonafides, wonderfully self aware, fun and over the top. It's the sort of album that speaks to the inherent magic of heavy music and why this sound has resonated for decades.

I think what charms me about Marvellous is the bands willingness to go over the top. The guitar harmonies and big choruses that punctuate this album are consistent reminders of a bygone era. They speak to the sheer talent that the band is bringign to the table and there is something undeniably fun about this release. There's nothing soul seracching or dense here, instead this is a record to jam with your friends as you're rocking out to all your favorite classic rock bangers. This EP was seemingly constructed with that in mind and the more time I spend with it the more that it makes sense to slot in there next to the first couple of KISS and Sweet records.

If you can't get down and boogie along to what Marvel are laying down here then maybe you just aren't ready for the deranged magic of this band. They aren't reinventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination but they are doing a great job of laying odwn top notch hard rock. There is something to be said about a four song EP that you can get lost in simply because it so perfectly reflects the inherent magic of the genre. If you're looking for high speed highway jams then Marvellous is right for you.

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