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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Verthebral - Abysmal Decay

Death metal from Paraguay? Sign me up! The crushing legion that is Verthebral have recently burst onto the scene via the bastion of extreme metal in developing countries - Transcending Obscurity Records. Abysmal Decay is Verthebrals second full length and it is a tour de force in death metal songwriting. This is a record that brings forth unadulterated rage in its chugging guitars and savagely barked vocals. There is something truly masterful about what these Paraguayans have done here in their death metal dungeon magic.

This is a record that clearly worships the old school. The band eagerly picks up tropes ranging from the over the top brutal to the tight and angular. The laser powered playing on a track like 'Temple Of Hate' speaks to just how talented the band are. It's hard not to get lost in these infectious grooves. Abysmal Decay routinely pushes itself over the top. While the band is certainly not doing anything especially original, their execution on classic death metal tropes is flawless. It's hard not to be mesmerized by the Morbid Angel worship going on here - this is the next generation of death metal emerging from a place one might not expect .

It would be easy to say 'If you like ripping old school death metal then this is the album for you' because it is. But Verthebral represent so much more than that. The primal sense of urgency communicated in a track like 'Ancient Legion' is endlessly interesting. These guys are pulling from the dark roots of the earth, unchained and immaculate. Verthebral grind forth with an unrelenting venom spitting assault. The bands seeming eagerness to go for the throat, no matter the circumstance only makes this album all the more compelling.

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