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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Askvader - S/T

The Sign Records has carved a niche for themselves as perhaps the best traditional hard rock record label in the world. Their high energy releases all capture the imagination of 70s rockers like Thin Lizzy and KISS. Askvader, the self titled offering from Askvader is a turbo powered dose of rock and roll fun.  With a range of timbres from the booty shaking to the mournful ballad this is a blast of an album that nay fan of 70s rock is going to find something to sink their teeth into with. It's simply that much of a good time.

The beauty of this record is that though it certainly is enamored with classic rock tropes the band does not hesitate to embrace modern polish. Their execution on tracks like Bit My Lip is flawless and a whole boatload of fun. It speaks to just how talented these guys are and exactly what they are trying to execute with this record. Askvader doesn't really come with too many surprises but it does a great job of communicating a passionate and very authentic love for classic rock and roll. It makes for a record with high replay value simply because who wants to miss these big choruses and the simple anthemic poetry?

Long story short - if you want a blast of a rock and roll record then Askvader is the album for you. It plays on familiar tropes but the production is excellent and none of the tracks drag. Sure a few of the ideas come off a bit stale, but for the debut from a band playing an oft embraced style, it makes sense that they are going to need time to differentiate themselves. Askvader have crafted something fun and often memorable here. It's a record that will leave a smile on your face - so why not shut up and turn it up?

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