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Friday, January 3, 2020

Runescarred - The Distant Infinite

I've been a fan of Runescarred since the beginning and it's been a delight getting to watch this band evolve and mature. After a strong EP debut, The Distant Infinite is the bands first full length. This is a stunning record full of all sorts of unique twists and turns, an album that brings the rage from top to bottom and fuses both epic mosh tracks with brooding ballads really speaking to just how talented Runescarred are. Building a sound that is equal parts Iron Maiden and Lamb of God the execution here is stunning.

The Distant Infinite is a fascinating one simply because of how much Runescarred bring to the table. Ther are a ton of great musical ideas here with guitars clearly inspired by Dream Theater and vocals that run the gamut from gnarly growls, machine gun snarls and epic, Dickinson-esque operatic vocals. The way that these notions are fused on a track like 'Inviting Rivers' is truly impressive. The sheer talent on display speaks to all that Runescarred has been able to put together in a surprisingly short time. This is a record that is full of emotion and dynamic shifts, it makes for a album you won't soon forget.

In a word, Runescarred are fist-pumping. These are songs that play on traditional metal tropes but execute really fucking well. While nothing here is necessarily breaking new ground, The Distant Infinite is chock to the brim of potent songs and fun twists and turns. The quality of the production in particular is stunning with all sorts of interlocking layers coming together to remind us time and time again that this is a truly special record. The Distant Infinite brings together disparate ideas in a cohesive way - no mean feat!

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