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Friday, January 31, 2020

Deathwhite - Grave Image

I've been keeping my eye on Deatwhite for a while now. Having formed back in 2012, their 2017 debut full length, For A Black Tomorrow was an impressive opening salvo for the melodic doom stalwarts. Now the band are back with Grave Image - a huge step forward for the goth metallers that drops today. This is one of the bands most fascinating artistic statements to date, a record that has a very real depth to it and with an overarching sense of sonic poetry that you can really find yourself getting lost in.

I think what gets me here is the excellence in the execution of the guitars. The tone is excellent and the melodic lines are wonderfully delivered. The soaring clean vocals also help to further cement this band as something truly special. Yet rather than looking back to the work of their musical ancestors in bands like Novembers Doom, Deathwhite eagerly bring in all sorts of elements of more modern sounds, most notably more than a few prog elements. This is a record that feels distinctly 2020 and gives us a glimpse into the psyche of a band who have wonderfully distilled their core influences whilst paying attention to the growth of the scene as a whole.

Brilliantly produced and nicely executed throughout, Grave Image is a thriller, a record that seems to routinely one up itself. Deathwhite is a truly impressive band because of that, they encapsulate a certain breadth, a stately sound and top notch execution. In short - Grave Image sees the band coming out as a veritable force in their genre, the sort of band who elevate the dialog for this music across the globe. Grave Image is a masterful offering, but it leavees me very curious as to where Deathwhite is headed next.

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