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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Necrowretch - To Ones From Hell

I tried to skip my high school graduation to see Necrowretch. I was very disappointed when my mother wouldn't let me. I ended up seeing them at a festival a few years later and it was righteous. Necrowretch are one of a kind, a truly excellent black metal band who deliver with manic intensity, going for the throat and gouging your eyes out along the way. This is one of the most depraved bands in the scene, and their new record, To Ones From Hell only builds on the demonic remonstrances of yore.

One of the bands most action packed releases to date it also shows quite a bit more depth in songwriting than 2017's Satanic Slavery which - while an awesome record definitely seemed a little less tight. To Ones From Hell gleefully invites you to roll in the muck. Once the opening track, 'Pure Hellfire' kicks off after an unplugged intro you start to get a sense for just the level of insanity that the band are bringing to the table. To Ones From Hell is a skull cracking remonstrance into the pit, a reminder that this band take no prisoners and are among the best in the world at high energy hyper speed black metal.

The demonic cries that define this record and the frenetic tempos ensure that it has high replayability. It's hard not to want to dig ever deeper into what has been offered up here. In fact - I'd say this record is good enough that it encourages new listeners to go back in the catalog to find out if the band has been this nuts for their entire decade plus of experience. The good news is they have been. To Ones From Hell is going to force your body into unholy motion and drag you into the pit. It's blackened death metal at its finest and don't let anyone tell you different.

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