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Monday, January 6, 2020

Ryte - S/T

Now regular readers know that I generally think instrumental (Or in this case largely instrumental) stoner rock is a bunch of boring hippy bullshit. However - Ryte do it right. This is a band with a unique vision and a clear approach and so much of what they do just straight up rocks. It makes for some very fun listening and repeatedly reminds us of just how good the band is and how much they bring to the table with every passing track. Ryte is a tour de force of a debut album and hints at so much more to come.

The breadth in sound portrayed by the band here on tracks like 'Invaders' speaks to just how good the band really are. Ryte is frequently a thrilling listen, a record that jumps from peak to peak and reminds us why this music was found to be so compelling in the first place. Yes the song structures are generally jam oriented but they are done in a way as to appear fascinating and entrancing more than anything else. The guitar tone is especially delicious, rumbling through all sorts of fun twists and turns, reflecting on the power of this sound and routinely pushing the band over the top of stoner rock brilliance.

In brief, Ryte is a potent debut. While there are moments that do drag here and there, as a general rule Ryte know what it takes to enchant the listener. Ryte is a masterful group who have locked in together on a simply cosmic level. The way that they build on each others parts on Shaking Pyramid for instance speaks to just how special these guys are. There aren't a lot of bands who share this same deep understanding of heavy music, but Ryte have crafted something that, at its best borders on spiritual.

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