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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Kings Never Die - Raise A Glass

The beauty of the hardcore scene is in how tight knit it is. What this means is that Raise A Glass is a potent collaboration between members of Murphy's Law, Sub Zero, Stigma, Son Of Sam and Mucky Pup. On top of that - the title track features Vinny Stigma and Mike Gallo of Agnostic Front! Suffice it to say - Raise A Glass is a helluva lot of fun from DI hardcore lifers who not only have a deep passion for the genre but who are trying to raise hell for the umpteenth time, and this hard hitting EP certainly does that.

A record that plays on traditional hardcore tropes with much more of a punk edge the band is not afraid to wink at Oi influences. This is a much more hard rocking offering than many of the members prior bands might have you believing. Yet there are still tracks you can shout along too and hints at what the future musical direction of the band can be. Traditional hardcore tropes reign here, but there is definitely a bit more of a focus on punk and metal than one might expect. The lead work in particular is a lot of fun. The solo on 'The Juice' for instance really sets the tone for just how good these guys are.

Kings Never Die are much more than just another group of old fogeys trying to relive their glory days. Raise A Glass is a statement of intent from a band who want to keep pushing the magic of DIY music and remind us that they all have plenty left in the tank with a new project that will smash teeth. It's hard not to get lost in the infectious grooves presented here and the bands deep understanding of the genre shines through. This is a fine opening salvo and leaves me curious for what will come next from this NYHC crew.

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