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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Throne Of Iron - Adventure One

As regular readers know, I am something of a Dungeons and Dragons geek. I haven't played in a while now because #adulting but every once in a while a record comes across my desk that reminds me of triumphant days of yore. There is something to be said for the rampant sense of fun that comes from this music and the power that it can have in its unapologetic odes to dice rolling quests in forbidden lands. Adventure One is the first full length from true metallers Throne Of Iron and it is a fucking BLAST.

Full to the brim of true metal tropes, Adventure One is silly and over the top. The vocals feel washed out and the tight angular guitar playing is guaranteed to get you pumping your fist. Sure this isn't exactly high concept music nor is it really the type of stuff that you'll be praising the production of, but it's super fun. Not every concept is perfectly executed and some of the songs lack that little extra something to push them over the top. That all being said, Adventure One is a whole boatload of fun and routinely will ring out with triumphant odes to all that makes metal pure and true. It's impossible not to have a good time when listening to this record.

Adventure One is the sort of record that makes me long for being 12 again and taking deep dives into the Tomb of Horrors with my best friend Asher. (Shoutout!) It's a record that will have you singing along and which seems to revel in its own silliness but also belays the talent of the musicians involved. It's such a joy to listen to a record that is this exuberant and that reminds us why we got into this in the first place. A herald of things to come, I think that we can all expect years of role playing game inspired true metal from Throe of Iron!

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