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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Viscera - Obsidian

I always find it interesting when bands are able to fuse clean vocals with death growls in a tasteful way. Especially when they wind up multilayered. Toss in some truly interesting guitar work and tight songwriting and you have yourself a recipe for an interesting record. Unique Leader's particular brand of deathcore isn't necessarily my thing, but Viscera are clearly a very talented band making some very solid music. The band are clearly extremely goddamn talented and it's fun to watch them showcase their chops across the entirety of a record.

The sense of swagger the band brings on a track like 'Silentium' is really fun and it's nicely counterbalance by when the group shows their more artsy side. This is a band who clearly have their guitar nerd shit on lockdown, but they don't forget to prioritize songwriting. Obsidian is a masterful release that continually seems to hint at new heights for the band and focuses on top notch execution. Viscera is not only an interesting release, it's a record that shows there is so much more to be done in the genre and that the band have the capacity to craft some next level artistry that elevates the dialogue around the genre.

Obsidian is a masterful release. It pays attention to genre tropes and builds on them. The band is early in their career and I get the impression that they could build a lot on this release. This is a record that hints at oodles of talent and which seems to suggest the group has a well of ideas in the early Fallujah or even Sylosis vein (Which would make sense given their frontman used to be in the latter band!) In brief - if you dig deathcore or even heavier prog metal, you'll find something to dig here - give it a spin.

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