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Monday, January 13, 2020

Slaughter Messiah - Cursed To The Pyre

Man - this is a fun one. High Roller Records has been releasing a fair amount of high powered thrash metal in recent years. Cursed To The Pyre the debut from Slaughter Messiah is the latest iteration of this. With a virile and violent approach, these 8 tracks of thrash metal mayhem are exciting, dynamic and wonderfully over the top. This is a record that borrows from countless late 80s extreme thrash tropes. The love for bands like Dark Angel and even Bathory is palpable. It makes for a rip roaring thrash metal quest.

The bands sound is surprisingly mature for a group releasing their debut. It begins to make more sense though when you find out that in the last decade Slaughter Messiah have dropped three EP's and a pair of demos. It means that the bands ability to craft songs that make sense has been finely honed. That being said - you can tell this is their first full length offering and they were trying to pad things out. A track or two here could be really slimmed down. Nothing dramatic, but it speaks to how the band is attempting to take that next step with their careers. Cursed To The Pyre is an interesting document of a thrash band finally making good.

The intensity showcased on tracks like 'Mutilated By Depths' is delightful and speaks to the evolution the band has made. The way that they go for the throat speaks volumes to the bands subtle poetry. The unholy utterances that bark their way across the record are wonderfully vile. They hint at brave new futures and remind us that there is so much more to come from these Belgian thrash metallers. Cursed To The Pyre is a wonderfully sick offering and one that is going to lead to faces getting moshed off - you know want in.

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