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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Raspberry Bulbs - Before The Age Of Mirrors

Now this is a subversive one. Raspberry Bulbs new record, Before The Age Of Mirrors is a really interesting one. It's a fusion of pissed off punk with lo fi black metal. At times it conjures up early black metal acts, at others it feels crustier. The psychedelic lyrics and touches of the occult though serve to lock this whole thing in a weird sound world of twisted and mind melting madness. Before The Age Of Mirrors is a dynamic listen, a record that will drag the listener to hell, and then force them to dance.

Before The Age Of Mirrors is a remarkably dense record despite the relative simplicity of the songwriting. While the recording certainly feels very lo fi there is a lot to unpack in a song like 'Given Over To History' which closes out the record in a storm of discomfort. The way that the album gets beneath your skin is really appealing and claws at the psyche serves to only make it the more desirable. Meanwhile the no-wave bass tones and hints at avant garde sorcery serve to remind us that there is a lot more going on behind the veil. Aware of its own bombast and oftentimes wonderfully weird, this is a record that demands multiple listens.

Raspberry Bulbs are a band who seem eager to defy the norms and force the listener out of their comfort zone. The ideas here are interesting because they pull from classic concepts in novel and exciting ways. Before The Age Of Mirrors routinely conjures up bizarro imagery that may very well leave you grasping at your sanity. This is the beauty of the album though - that it forces the listener to deeply engage and come to terms with the grandiose and yet somehow simultaneously understated artistic statement the band is dropping.

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