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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Hallas - Conundrum

I've had my eye on Hallas for a while as they have slowly grown in the world of hard rock meets classic prog. Their latest offering Conundrum is a clear step forward for the band and full of all sorts of elegant and tasteful musical ideas. This is a record that is exciting to listen too, high energy and wonderfully punchy. This is a tight release full of unique musical colors and guaranteed to take the listener on a musical head trip as the band elegantly dance from peak to peak showcasing their many strengths.

Conundrum is an interesting one because it is a record that not only showcases a clear passion for 70s rock, it shows that the band has a deep understanding of it too. The difference being that their nods to Camel, Gentle Giant and others are incredibly well thought out and it makes for an immersive listening experience. The Yes worship leaks out of the guitar tone and the multi part vocal harmonies are worthy of Wishbone Ash. Yeah - I compared this to Wishbone Ash - Hallas are that good here. Conundrum may be navel gazing and retro, but it does it so goddamn well you can't really ask for much else.

Embracing the magic of Conundrum is a task that bears frequent repetition. It's a record that is easy enough that you can grasp it on first listen but dense enough that you should definitely be spending some more time with it. It's rare that I find a record that captures my imagination as deeply as this one, but here we are. Conundrum is a masterful offering that will continually draw listeners into the gorgeous soundscapes that they present. This is a thriller from tip to taint and guaranteed to get classic rock nerds falling head over heels.

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  1. hahahaha comparing it with Wishbone Ash maybe was a little bit too much, but the album is a real masterprice. This band will become bigger and bigger and it's nice we have been able to follow them since they were born