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Friday, February 14, 2020

Turia - Degen van Licht

This is a masterful one. I checked out Degen van Licht on the recommendation of my friend and esteemed colleague Cody Davis - and holy shit was he on point about exactly how good this band is. Eisenwald has been picking some real winners lately and Degen van Licht is the sort of wonderfully deep and thoughtful offering you would expect from one of the worlds premier black metal labels. Turia have consistently proven on this album that they are one of a kind, a musical force to be reckoned with.

Degen van Licht's unique brand of thinky thinky black metal reflects a darker and more introspective side of the scene. The top notch production and shimmering guitars of a track like II, a magical little interlude speaks to the overarching quality of the album. Degen van Licht is not only a unique take on black metal though, but a potent ode to nature. While the band certainly avoids straying into Agalloch territory they manage to craft tracks that are emotionally powerful and very aware of the vibrant landscapes they are trying to honor. It makes for a record worth many a listen, truly in love with the romantic side of the music.

Now with three albums under their collective belts, Turia have claimed a position as a top tier black metal band. The often understated magic of these songs is mesmerizing and speaks to the groups ability to keep plucking at the heartstrings. Turia understand the mysticism of the world they are trying to portray and unveil broad layers of emotional depth with wonderfully broadcast screams and grandiose depictions of times forgot. Degen van Licht is a truly excellent record and one that is sure to be lauded on countless year end lists.

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