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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Lychgate - Also Sprach Futura

 You are in for something truly monstrous with Also Sprach Futura, the latest from the quasi-legendary Lychgate. Evoking massive atmospheres and twisted sonic absolution, Lychgate have always been at the fore of avant black metal. They understand the mysticism of black metal songwriting, and this latest offering a four track EP, serves to only push the bands sense of blackened absolution to the fore. They have once more come out on top with a masterful release that shows just how special they are.

Also Sprach Futura is the sort of record that winds its way under your skin and claws at your sanity. Lychgate use the EP as a chance to explore bleak melodies and off kilter song structures. The mind bending madness of these songs is palpable and the band routinely and eagerly delves into odd new places for the music to go. Also Sprach Futura is a challenging listen and not one that those new to the genre will get. Yet for those of us who search for Lovecraftian horrors in sonic form then the almost monolithic insanity of Lychgate is going to have a deep and thoughtful appeal. On a record that demands many listens, Lychgate continually deliver.

There is a wonderful creepiness here that only serves to make Lychgate all the more enticing. The strung out clean vocals on Simulacrum are challenging and strangely beautiful. The unexpected jazz influences and bizarro arpeggios make for unique sound worlds. While this is on Debemur Morti it sounds a little more in line with some of the releases that I, Voidhanger has made their name on. A tad frightening and wonderfully difficult to get into, Also Sprach Futura has treasures worth braving its bleak exterior.

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