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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bythos - The Womb Of Zero

Now this is a nifty one. Terratur Possesions have long been one of the worlds premier black metal labels. This latest offering, Bythos's The Womb Of Zero is an intricately put together and wonderfully exciting record that few of the bands peers can compare too. It's an intense listen and a record that has seemingly endless layers. There's so much that you can pick apart with The Womb Of Zero and the more time you spend with its many disparate elements the more it seems like Bythos are on a whole different level than many of their peers.

What gets me about The Womb Of Zero is that this is a record that is seemingly vast in scope. The melodic guitar lines are perfectly counterbalanced with blasting drums. The tormented vocals tempered by perfect production. All in all - The Womb Of Zero is a record that continually one ups itself, hints at bold new futures and stands confidently on the shoulders of giants. In many ways, while Bythos don't necessarily break any of the rules they do an amazing job of bringing together disparate elements within black metal into a concise whole This is all made possible by the truly top notch production.

The Womb Of Zero unveils an epic musical journey that you are guaranteed to get lost in and then fall in love with. This record heroically leaps from peak to peak and showcases a side of the genre that is impressive, intricate and weirdly addictive. Bythos have gone above and beyond on this record to show us a fresh take on black metal that doesn't stray too far from the classic elements that make us all fall in love with this music in the first place. If you are looking for a chance to dive into the maw of twisted horror - look no further.

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