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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Dodskvad - Kronike I

This is an interesting one - an extreme metal record that is almost gleefully atavistic. The compositions here are navel gazing and rear facing, they  explore the roots of bands like Death (And might even be able to legitimately cite Mantas as an influence!) Bathory and Obituary with their sound. It's wonderfully simplistic and primitive, but I think that's what keeps freaks like me coming back to their three song cassette demo. It might not be world breaking but it certainly is a hell of a good time.

If you ever were into 80s extreme metal than you know that there si a certain moldy nostalgia attached that is hard to shake. That's ab ig part of why so many of us got involved with it in the first place, it's primitive, heavy and sometimes a little over the top. We crave this stuff and the sonic devastation it provides. While Dodskvad may not be breaking any new ground they certainly o make for fun listening for those of us who are seeking an escape from a coronavirus stricken world and want to dig back into the classic era of extreme metal when teenagers were shaping a genre that would change the word.

With its dungeon lurking synths and primitivist ideas, this is certainly a nerdy release. No one is going to necessarily be falling in love with the magic of metal due to Kronike I but I don't think that's the point. The point is rather to celebrate an era that has often been forgotten but which was a blast to be a part of and has had a resounding effect on younger folks like myself. Stripped down and wonderfully raw, Kronike I is the sort of record that continues to charm, even after multiple listens - give it a go!

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