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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Romano Nervoso - The Return Of The Rocking Dead

In a dark time we've got to turn to dark music. The bleak brilliance of Romano Nervoso is the perfect thing to guide us through the coronapocalypse, just as dark as it is fun. His new record, The Return Of The Rocking Dead is a heavy hitting romp through all sorts of spaghetti rock magic, brilliantly produced and gorgeous. The sort of thing that you can sink your teeth into and listen too time and time again as we delve ever further into the mayhem of what is facing us as a species. With anthemic choruses and killer guitars, what more could you want from a heavy hitter like this guy?

The magic of The Return Of The Rocking Dead is in its weird mix of gothic humor and dark rock. The doom laden vocals that kick off the beginning of the final track, 'Babooshka' perfectly reflects the inherent darkness and touch of silliness that defines this record. The thing is - this record has an inherent sinalong vibe. It's the sort of thing that you see in a packed rock and roll club an that you never forget. The sheer charisma of Romano Nervoso is delightful, it makes the record addictive , the kind of thing that you can't turn off simply because it so perfectly and so consistently reflects the magic of the songwriting.

Romana Nervoso knows exactly who he is and refuses to change. The swagger is eminent from the first, when he kicks off the album with the Gen Z bashing, 'Internet Generation'. But rather than sounding like an outo f touch boomer, Romano Nervoso sounds more like a prophet from a time forget. Throughout this record it is clear that Romano Nervoso is the real deal. The Return Of The Rocking Dead is a deeply emotional opus that will resonate from the first but which eagerly encourages repeat visits.

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