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Monday, March 30, 2020

King Buzzo With Trevor Dunn - Gift Of Sacrifice

Anytime King Buzzo and Trevor Dunn collaborate you know you're in for a good time. That being said - I am not sure I ever expected to hear the intrepid duo working together on a (Mostly) acoustic record. Yet here we are. The band has come together to craft something truly potent, a magical and twisted record that transports the reader to a weird sonic landscape. This is a record built on simplicity which belies a lot of the internal drama and the quiet brilliance that makes Gift Of Sacrifice such an all around stunner.

The thing is - though the tracks usually have fairly simple arrangements, these are counterbalanced by blasts of weirdo electronics. The twisted sounds that provide the outtro to a track like 'Bird Animal' for instance can't help but to capture the imagination. They provide a strange reprieve from some of the more traditional moments in this record. Meanwhile - the bizarro barroom rocker, 'Mock She' sees Gift Of Sacrifice going beyond and showcasing some flashy bass playing courtesy of Trevor Dunn. The gang vocals between Dunn and Buzzo on that track are unexpected though. Though we haven't heard much of Buzzo singing over acoustic music before - here he does a wonderful job - showcasing his versatility.

In brief - Gift Of Sacrifice is a masterful offering that though it may at times get into more traditional territory seems to almost always instantly return to  all sorts of  weird and outside sound inspired madness. It's a weird fucking record but one that you can get lost in. Where the earthiness of the acoustic guitar can suddenly be counterbalanced by a crazy violin solo. If you're not ready for the weird then  this won't be the album for you. But if you're looking for subversions on common themes, get ready for your brain to melt.

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