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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Noidva - Windseller

This is an interesting one. Noidva are a black metal band out of Finland. Their debut record, Windseller focuses on the shamanism of Lapland - lyrically very fertile ground. What interests me here though is the bands willingness to bring in folk metal and melodic death metal elements into the music. The lo fi production and simple poetry of the songs makes for an addictive listening experience. It's a record that doesn't try too hard and at times borders on the amateurish - but that's exactly what makes it so fun!

I think what really gets me here is how much fun it sounds like the band is having even as they craft some very serious songs. A track like 'Eclipsed By Goahti's Blood' is immaculately put together but it also features some jig pit inspiring moments and a flashy solo. Yes this is a serious black metal label on a truly excellent serious black metal label (Purity By Fire) but it seems a little bit more self aware than many of the bands peers. Like - yes they do understand how to craft great black metal but they also clearly understand Abbath's inherent sense of humor and willingness to really spread the magic of black metal no matter what.

Windseller is a fascinating listen that will take you across grandiose oceans of snow and into demented realities. This is a band who have a clear and unique passion. The sort of thing that you can really get lost in time and time again. There is an inherent magic to the band that makes their record addictive and leaves me curious to see more. Definitely a group worth checking out if they come to your town or even waking up early for if they get to kick off a stage at a festival. I could see this project evolving quickly - take note of these Finnish black metallers fun and over the top assault!

Listen to them on Bandcamp!

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