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Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Ditch And The Delta - S/T

Ah yes - the self titled record. Coming six years into the bands career, this is their second full length and it builds nicely on the promise of earlier music. Though the group are playing something that could broadly be labeled as sludge metal they bring a lot more to the table than that. This is a band who manage to make sludge metal technical, it may be slow but there are infinite layers and it makes for a listening experience that is unique, potent and truly exciting to be a part of. What more could a guy want?

The Ditch And The Delta sees the band building nicely on the tropes from 2017's Hives In Decline. The record is as a rule a better produced, more thought out and generally more relistenable effort. The band has been able to take some of their core ideas and craft them into something apart, something special, exciting and truly over the top. It makes for an exciting listen fueled by its own dynamism and a sense that this is just the beginning for one of the most truly creative groups in sludge. The spiraling riffs and maniacal bass playing make for a record that leaves listeners in awe from first to last.

With grooves that you can really get lost in and an overarching sense of sonic magic, this is a huge step forward for the band. Suddenly they have found their early promise and taken it in a direction that suggests, to me at least, they could one day hit Mastodon-esque levels. This is a thrilling listen, a top notch release and a record that has me eagerly coming back for more. The band have really put it together here and it's a blast to listen too. Years of touring do payoff, as does disciplined songwriting - who'd a thunk it!

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