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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Rabid Flesh Eaters - R.F.E

Rabid Flesh Eaters are one of those wonderfully Texan heavy bands with a clear vision for their sound who eagerly go for the throat and build on the tropes of the old gods. Their distinct vision and potent approach is exciting, the sort of thing that entrances the listener and routinely reminds us just how magical this music is in the first place. Sure R.F.E sticks to a lot of tropes of the thrash genre, but that's what makes it so fun. The Texas thrash scene is alive and well, and Rabid Flesh Eaters are clearly on of its most consistent exports.

The swagger that comes through on a track like 'Demons Within' is delightful. The flashy solos and big choruses showcase a band enamored with the old tropes of underground music. They build on them and have a certain self awareness that makes for some of the most compelling thrash I've heard in a minute. Again though - the record very much sticks to the tropes of the genre. There are definitely a few moments of 'dad thrash' but even that seems to have a bit more charisma. Meanwhile, the blistering assault of a track like 'Die In Pain' proves that these old dogs can still kick up the pit with the best of them.

The record also features the last recordings of the legendary Rigor Mortis frontman, Bruce Corbitt - adding a poignant touch to the metal mayhem that unfolds throughout R.F.E. The way the record builds itself on a few clear ideas and then going from there ensures that the artistic vision remains clear. Though the creation process may have taken a while, it is a record that can deliver wonderfully vicious ideas in a concise manner. All this comes together for a vicious listening experience one won't soon forget.

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