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Friday, March 27, 2020

Warbringer - Weapons Of Tomorrow

Warbringer, have had a bigger influence on the thrash metal scene than basically anyone else in their generation. The way that they perfectly fuse classic ieas and art with more modern approaches to thrash has always amde them a delight to me. The unapologetic bloodthirst that they showcase throughout their discography has fascinated me since high school. Now they are back with another new record, one of their fierces and most over the top yet - and what more could a guy really ask for from a band?

What gets me about Weapons Of Tomorrow is just how sharp the guitar tone is, you can practically cut yourself on it. Yes there are moments of bombast and triumph, like on the album closer 'Glorious End' but there are also razor edged riffs fascinating throughout. The gnashing of teeth that accompanies these tracks serves to only make them rawer, more vicious and addictive. Warbringer use this record, not to expand their sound but to double down on what they were already great at. The tight and angular playing serves to make this an exciting record that any thrasher is going to find themselves instantly enamored with - it's simply that good.

This is the sort of thrash metal record that you can get lost in, it has its own inherent magic and it seems to jump from peak to peak with aplomb. Weapons Of Tomorrow is a fun listen, and while it has a spirit very much in line with its 80s ancestors the band brings in so much more beyond that. This is an above and beyond effort that is going to leav you on the edge of your seat, thrilled for what's to come next from these California wastoids and curious to delive back into their wonderfully strong discography.

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