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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still

It's been four long years since we last heard from Ulcerate. These technical death metallers have had a history of crafting truly devastating and oppressive music. The sort of stuff that keeps you up at night thanks to the sheer demonic torment that they invoke Their latest offering, Stare Into Death And Be Still is one of their strongest efforts to date, a sweeping effort that sees them further honing their oppressive sound ad guiding the listener deeper into their bizarre crypt of riffs, torment and unadulterated sonic hate.

The bands Debemur Morti debut, Stare Into Death And Be Still is a stunner because of Ulcerate's unique ability to craft distinct sonic landscapes. The way that they present themselves on a track like 'The Lifeless Advance', the album opener, is one of a kind. It is terrifying in scope and hints at twisted internal lives. The level of technicality here isn't so much for the flash of it all as much as it is to represent how far the band has gone and their willingness to put listeners through the ringer. Their songwriting is a head and shoulders above their peers, taking advantage of techniques and approaches rarely broached on in metal and ensuring that no one can look away.

Stare Into Death And Be Still is striking in the bands unique ability to evoke a sort of Dante-esque reality. As you make your way through this record bizarre images appear before you and it becomes harder than ever to tear yourself away. This is intensely cerebral and introverted music. The touches of post metal that have started to infect the record only make things even grander and remind us of our own bitter loneliness. What more could you want? Ulcerate are a technical death metal band like no other an Stare Into Death And Be Still is a masterwork.

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