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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

6th Circle - Pacified/Conjuring

As I learn more about the underground EBM and industrial scenes the more I love them. This is truly electronic music after my own heart. That's part of why I find it so exciting that one of my favorite extreme labels, Sentient Ruin, has put out the latest from 6th Circle. This is some truly interesting and dark electronic music that evokes bleak images and demented conjurations. It's the sort of thing that claws at the psyche and makes us question our very existence. In other words this record is a damn good time.

Pacified/Conjuring is a masterful offering with danceable beats underscoring raspy shrieks. The creepy melodies that define a track like 'Punished' can't help but to excite. The use of sampling is excellent too, drawing out new layers in the sound and hinting at exotic new dimensions for the music to take. As you dig deeper into this record the more you will find your body moving, almost against your will. As a general rule the song structures are excellent, leaping from peak to peak and consistently demonstrating the songwriting prowess of 6th Circle. The synthwave touches on the post industrial cake are delicious.

Full of understated flourishes and hard hitting rhythms 6th Circle manages to eloquently fuse a variety of genres on Pacified/Conjuring. The way that the project can go straight into the relatively harsh noises of 'Burn, Walk Away' after exploring club worthy rhythms in the previous track really speaks to the versatility of what's going on here. There's a lot to sink your teeth into with 6th Circle and Pacified/Conjuring is a thrilling salvo from a project that I honestly can not get enough of. If you're looking for post-industrial with danceable grooves, look no further.

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