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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Magick Touch - Heads Have Got To Rock 'N' Roll

I've been really charmed by Magick Touch for a while now. There is a certain magic to the bands unique take on Scandinavian hard rock that has always made them a boatload of fun to me. This is a band who understand why people listen to rock and roll and really deliver on some of the fundamental promises of the genre. Be it through dance rockers or the stoned grooves of 'Doomsday I'm In Love', Magick Touch consistently prove that they are among the greats - a band whose magic you can't ignore.

This is a band who are clearly enamored with late 70s hard rock. There are glam vibes but also moments of blues rock magic. The group come across with raging high energy though and it's hard not to be immediately forced to dance. How can you not want to shake your ass to the title track? There are massive choruses throughout this record and the guitar is played with a sort of inherent swagger. What more could someone want out of a band looking to broadcast true rock and roll salvation to the masses?

Magick Touch are a lot of fun to spend time with and Heads Have Got To Rock 'N' Roll proves that these cats have still got it. Four years and three full lengths in Magick Circle have made a compelling case that they are among the best at hard rock today. The guitar solos are fun, the vibes energetic and overall there is a sense of hope, triumph and the knowledge that some how and some way we are going to make it through the coronavirus struggle so come on and dive right into hard hitting heavy rocking magic!

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