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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Ad Infinitum - Chapter I: Monarchy

The Napalm Records power metal thing is fascinating to me. There is just so much good musicianship that goes into it and a lot of interesting ideas. It's not a scene that really clicked for me until I went to Summer Breeze last year but since then it has been something that I have been keeping an eye on. It's interesting! The debut from Ad Infinitum, Chapter 1: Monarchy is just the latest piece of this scene to catch my attention. The band has a distinct approach, excellent compositions and a clear vision towards the future.

I can't help but to be enamored with the bombast of this record. A track like 'Fire and Ice' is dramatic, interesting and more or less aware of how over the top it goes. Yet this isn't really one of those 'fun' symphonic metal bands - Ad Infinitum seem very focused on the more serious side of their music. They outline some truly exciting developments in the sound and the anthemic power of a track like 'Live Before You Die' is entrancing. It speaks to the bands songwriting ability and though they frequently lean into some of the tropes of the genre, they do it so well it's hard not to be at least a little enamored.

With the backing band cloaked in plague masks (How appropriate!) and a lead singer who commands the group with authority it's easy to fall into the sound that Ad Infinitum have crafted here. Their execution is top notch and deeply enjoyable. Meanwhile the flashy solos ad a nice bit of flavor showing the band are very aware of their roots. Ad Infinitum seem to be poised to only keep growing, but for now they are a fitting addition to the symphonic metal legion and will be dominating festival stages soon.

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