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Friday, April 3, 2020

Antichrist Demoncore - Satan Is King

OOGH - it's been far too long since we've had new Antichrist Demoncore - four years to be precise since their last EP desecrated our eardrums. Five years since we last had a full length. It's a weirdly reassuring thing in the midst of the coronavirus to have a new EP from these gods of powerviolence. Their music is wonderfully abrasive and has remained consistently upsetting for years now. The twisted magic of this record is addictive and it sees me eager to dive back into the bands truly excellent catalog.

Frequently when a group comes back after an extended studio hiatus like Antichrist Demoncore had we expect the band to have become worse. Most bands need to consistently be in and out of the studio if you expect them to get anywhere meaningful. Such is not the case with Satan Is King (And yes that is a Kanye West joke!) this is a record that sounds as fresh and reassuringly raw as anything the band has ever done. You can practically see the bodies flying as they careen into songs like 'Mouth Breather'. This has never been a band to pull their punches and Satan Is King sees them at their demented best.

Wonderfully intense, the record is made up of fifteen blasts of sound. The two longest of which don't even crack the two minute thirty second mark. Instead we find ourselves neck deep in a bitter assault. The band has always pursued their own brand of hyper aggressive and fucked up powerviolence. This record only sees them continuing on those ideas. It's a fun next step that will beat your head in and leave you gasping for air. And honestly - what more could you want from the one and only Antichrist Demoncore?

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