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Friday, April 10, 2020

Benighted - Obscene Repressed

This is a really fucked up one. Benighted have always been one of the worlds most twisted slam bands and I've long been enamored with their dedication to all that is extreme. That being said, this new record, which explores cannibalism, oedipus complexes and dysphoria is a fucking weird one. The band has reached new extremes and fascinates with the depth of their madness. Their unique brand of brutal death metal has reached a thrilling new height and has listeners in awe of the devastation they have crafted.

There is something strangely refreshing about these Frenchmens blasting brand of grind. Sure they aren't breaking the rules or defining their genre, but they are making something that is wonderfully fucked up and relentlessly addictive. On top of that - holy fuck the pig squeals. They've reached a new level. For those of us who live for the 'BREEEE' Benighted have brought it to a new level on this record. It's hard not to be enamored with the variety of vocals styles presented here actually. A track like The Starving Beast sees everything from a low gurgle, to standard death growls and of course pig squeals - there's a lot to unpack.

With lyrics inspired by their frontmans career in the psych ward, it's not surprising that Benighted are routinely bale to reach new levels of depravity with each passing record. This is a horrifying set of tracks and one that is going to thrill from top to bottom. There are few slam records that really capture my imagination in 2020. It seems to me though that Benighted are in a position to transcend the genre. There music is endlessly exciting and their approach distinct. I a crowded scene full of imitators, Benighted manage to stand proudly apart.

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