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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Moons - Go Out Swinging

Moons are unquestionably one of the most talked about bans in the Philadelphia stoner rock underground. The bands distinct approach and dedication to all that is heavy first caught my attention years ago when I saw them opening for Electric Citizen at the Voltage Lounge. Since then the band has only matured, cultivating a distinct stoner metal approach that is sludgy, bottom feeding and eager to choke out the listener. Their new record, Go Out Swinging will suffocate you in its sheer riffage.

Though the band certainly sticks to a lot of the standard tropes of the genre, they execute on them well. The guitar tone is excellent and the vocals come out in a twisted sort of yarl. The grunge influence is palpable, but it's been filtered through the likes of Conan and the Slomatics. Special note should be taken of the drumming which is wonderfully colorful. The track 'Toneshaper' is a particular stand out. I also really love the bass tone, its rumble helps ground a guitar sound that frequently pushes punk rock boundaries. One gets the sense with Moons that it all might explode at once, but that's exactly what makes it so addictive.

This is the sort of record you can get lost in. It's a fitting album for a Saturday in quarantine. It reeks of manic house show energy and has enough interesting moments to keep you stimulated. The moments of flash, like the guitar runs on 'High Bar' are a fitting spice to an already excellent release. In terms of bands emerging out of the East Coast stoner underground, its clear that Moons have some of the best execution. With a massive bottom end and a sense of punk rock fury it's hard for this DIY show addict to not be charmed.

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