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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Eryka Fir - Vice & Avoidance

It's always weird reviewing your homies band because like - what if they suck? Then you have to figure out a delicate way to explain that their album is terrible. Fortunately this is not the case with my friend Eryka Fir's debut full length, Vice & Avoidance, which despite some of the limitations any artist has when releasing their first full length is actually one of the best things that I have heard come out of the dark folk/doom adjacent scene in a while. Just a woman, her guitar and a few vocal layers, Eryka Fir has crafted a truly beautiful piece of art. This is the sort of project I could see gracing the stages of Roadburn in a few years.

There is something truly magical about Vice & Avoidance in the way that Eryka Fir has been able to craft something deeply emotional, with rich layers of production making her sultry voice all the more engaging. The croon on a track like 'Surround Me' is stunning. While the influence of bands like Windhand is definitely apparent, Fir brings something else to the table. More than just another artsy fartsy folk side project, this is an album that has a very real emotional depth. The very earthiness of the band is what makes it such an engaging and fascinating listen - a record that continually grows on the listeners heart.

I listen to a lot of music, there aren't a lot of things I routinely come back too. This however is something that even on my second or third listen sounded fresh and interesting. The ideas are fairly straightforward and Eryka Fir isn't breaking new ground, but she's goddamn great at what she does - and that's what really matters. Her mesmerizing multilayered chants and elegant acoustic guitar accompaniment are all that she needs to make Vice & Avoidance such an incredibly delightful listen. Dig in folks, there's a lot to enjoy.

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