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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Czern - Zgliszcza

This is a nifty one. The sludgy hardcore from Czern, a Polish group has captured my imagination. Their new record, Zgliszcza is a wonderfully oppressive and well produced offering .It's emotional, harsh and unforgiving - the sort of record that reminds us why we all started to give our lives over to this music in the first place. Monochromatic soundscapes emeerge from ringing drums and drive us into frozen abysses. It's a deeply emotional thing and one that is perfectly underscored by super tight playing.

While Zgliszcza isn't necessarily breaking new ground it is extremely good at building on the echoes of the past. The conjurations of tracks like the album closer, Kryzk are intense, but exhilarating. A testament to the bands songwriting. While on the one hand the group does tend towards Amenra type moments, on the other it is pretty clear that Czern have spent a lot of time listening to Eyehategod. They understand the transcendence that this music can bring, but they also understand the darkness it needs to have to make sense. They exist on the edge of a knife, fusing ideas into something thrilling and dynamic.

With barked vocals spat out over post metal inspired riffage, Czern eloquently fuse ideas. While they certainly not an artsy band they are a truly solid one. These simple sonic soundscapes will fascinate to be sure but they also leave you asking questions and perpetually eager for more. I am extremely curious about how the band continues to develop just because Zgliszcza gives you so much to think your teeth into. This is a huge step for the group and I'm curious about where the journey takes their unique combination of ideas.

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