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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Morte Lune - Temple of Flesh

The Cumbrian black metal scene is an interesting one. It's a place where countless excellent bands have emerged from but all hail their origins. The ferocity of the music coming from the region has always fascinated me, and Morte Lune - a sort of Cumbrian black metal super group can't help but to inspire. Featuring members of such notable acts as Thy Dying Light, Ulfarr and Nefarious Dusk, they have come together to put together a masterful mini-CD with Temple Of Flesh that will keep black metallers fascinated.

Morte Lune come roaring out of the gate with 'O Father, O Satan' a track that perfectly reflects the sort of unforgiving insanity of the band. The assault that they bring to the table here is delicious and speaks to the bands unique ability to craft pure misery. Bring in the searing guitars and tormented vocals and you have yourself an effort that is very much worth relistening. Weighing in at 24 minutes and 49 seconds, the record has high replayability, but enough content that each spin means you will find something more to love. Also notable are the touches of dark ambient which really add a lot of flair to the album closer 'Temple of Flesh'.

In brief - Morte Lune have managed to craft something surreal and wonderfully twisted here. This is a record that goes for the throat and is unapologetic in its glorious satanism. The tormented realities that they paint and the tight songwriting speak to the prowess of dudes who have spent their lives in the underground. It's not hard to lose yourself in what Morte Lune have conjured up here and the weird mysticism of a track like 'Silence of the Night' makes it all the more addictive. This is definitely an EP worth embracing!

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