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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Shivers/Nauseator - Too Gross For Most

Hells Headbangers and Midwestern death metal - can you name a more iconic duo? The new 7" split from the Slasher Dave (Acid Witch) fronted Shivers and the metal maniacs of Nauseator makes for some wonderfully vile death metal. This is a record that is a sort of brutarian smash to the face, a crippling seven inch that revels in its own insanity and seems to continually push the listener to vomitrocious new heights. It's exactly the sort of morbidity that one would hope to see from some of the undergrounds vilest faces.

Too Gross For Most kicks off with a pair of track from Shivers, a new project from the Acid Witch frontman. It's weird, twisted and very aware of the vilest death metal tropes of yore. Their opening salvo, 'Butcher Docs Shack Of Shock' is exactly the sort of gory and horror driven death metal that you would expect to see from Slasher Dave and friends. Meanwhile the Nauseator side of the split starts off with a horror film sample with a man crying out, "I'm gonna skin that son of a bitch and wear his face!" The music essentially follows this theme, going for the throat and relishing in just how vile things get.

This is a fun listen, it's a record jam packed with sonic references to the gods of yore, groups like Impetigo and Mortician. The depraved cries that define a track like Nauseator's 'I Want To Murder You' nicely underscore what this record is about. There is a sense of evil, of off kilter madness that defines this record. IT makes for a fascinating listen that will have you questioning your sanity - and isn't that why so many of us got involved in the devils own music in the first place? Turn it up and freak out!

Listen to the first track on Bandcamp!

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