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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Tombstoner - Descent To Madness

Staten Island death metal? Uh yeah! Tombstoner are a fucking vicious band from New York's most maligned borough. These freaks have a wonderful mixture of old school death metal with moments are pure Slayer worship. The twin style of vcals they employ (An Araya-esque snarl vs a more traditional death growl) makes for dynamic songs that you can dive into with both feet. Not a lot of new ground is being broken here, but if you were looking for a band who deliver workmanlike death metal at a high level - this is for you.

The high powered guitars of a track like 'Filth Hole' are relentless addictive. They speak to the internal hate and downright excellence of the band. The bitter assault documented within makes this EP highly relistenable. I'll be honest too - Descent To Madness didn't necessarily resonate with me on the first spin, but once I had spent some time with it the bands unique approach started to really make sense. Some of it may be a bit by the numbers, but the band is here to rip your throat out and force feed you the viscera - not to make you use your noggin. If you go in with that expectation you're going to rage.

So yeah - straight, go for the throat and wonderfully punishing. Descent To Madness is a sign of a monster being formed. The intense blasts on a track like 'Guts' are the sort of thing you can get lost in. With infectious grooves and a band unafraid to wear their influences on their collective sleeve, Descent To Madness is a blast at best. While some times it may feel like they are retreading old ground, this is certainly a record that any fan of traditional death metal is going to find something to love in.

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