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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Witchkiss - Transformation

I've been following Witchkiss rather devoutly for several years now. The band has impressed me since their inception, 2018's promising The Austere Curtains Of Our Eyes. Now they come to us with a brand new EP, Transformation. It's a record that represents a huge step forward for the band. It's an exciting listen and one that maintains the sheer beauty of what the band has been trying to do for several years now. This is a record that will entrance the listener, and rather than getting lost up its own ass manages to continually entrance.

Witchkiss have on Transformation undergone something of a transformation of their own. The band has been able to bring their production and songwriting to a whole new level. They have even become the rare band in this scene who not only can pull off a ten minute song, but make you eagerly want to go back to it. While yes the band is still polishing some of the edges of their sound, as a general rule, Transformation feels like a much more professional release. This is a record that has a certain quiet transcendence. The build on a track like 'Splitting Teeth' for instance is thrilling, speaking to who these guys can really become.

I write this during the quarantine. I'm longing for new music and missing my friends. Witchkiss have been a band on the rise ofr a few years now and it feels like this record sees them starting to really meet their early potential. The punishing gutturals are a thrilling counterpoint to the airy female cleans. They all come together to make somethig charming and exciting. It's a record that sees the band preparing to go down the same path as groups like Yob and Subrosa and I can't quite get enough of it.

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