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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Alestorm - Curse Of The Crystal Coconut

'We're just hear to have fun, get drunk and make loads of money!' Alestorm boisterously proclaim on their opening track, 'Treasure Chest Party Quest'. Their new record Curse Of The Crystal Coconut is another truly excellent offering. The band has positioned themselves as the ultimate festival act. The group who you NEED to see because even after a decade of doing it they are finding ways to make their festival appearances even more exciting, fun and action packed. This new collection of songs will only elevate the band.

Alestorm has long been to ridiculous for most, and this record changes none of that. With tracks like 'Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship' the band are just as silly as ever. Beyond that though there are still the standard pirate metal tracks here, oftentimes paired with some of the more bizarre elements of the bands discography. As with their last offering, No Grave But The Sea the band certainly leans into the more bro-y aspect of festival culture here, tongue in cheek as always. Even the surprisingly introspective 'Call Of The Waves' starts with a look inwards before descending into an anthem about conquering the oceans.

In other words - Alestorm continue to be the kings of feel good pirate metal. Guest appearances from members of Finntroll, Rumahoy and Patty Gurdy of Patty Gurdy's Circle provide breadth to the record, and remind us that through it all Alestorm are looking to grow as musicians and embrace more unique collaborations. This is a fun record that is going to remain fun, over the top and more than a little bit ridiculous. Alestorm have always been a blast to listen too and now more than ever they seem ready to take on the world.

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