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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Constellatia - The Language Of Limbs

There is very little black metal that I hear coming out of South Africa. It's rarer still that the nations black metal get released on a label like Season of Mist - but here we are. The Language Of Limbs is a thrilling debut offering from Constellatia. This project featured members of Wildernessking and Crow Black Sky but it goes so far beyond what either of those bands have done in the past. In fact The Language Of Limbs stands sort of apart. It is indeed essentially post black metal, but the groups unique take is fascinating.

As a general rule the production on this record is fantastic, through both the conventional and the unexpected moments. One moment it particular shines is the way the vocals sit super low in the mix on a track like 'All Nights Belong To You'. It means that they come across more as another instrument rather than vocals in and of themselves. The execution of the songwriting is truly fantastic. With gorgeous guitar tones and a lush mix, the soaring compositions will be sure to turn heads. The Language Of Limbs is a record that you can get lost in and as you explore its many crevices you will find even more fascinating twists and turns.

This is a record any post black metal fan is going to want to spend time with. With soaring female vocals providing breadth to certain songs and searing growls offering torment in others, there is a lot to unpack here. The deeper you delve in The Language Of Limbs the more that you are going to find to love. Constellatia have more than proven themselves with this opening salvo. The elegantly produced guitars, the balance of dark and light and so much more comes together to make for truly thrilling listening.

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