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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Almyrkvi/The Ruins Of Beverast - Split

Van Records has always done an amazing job of bringing together underground bands for excellent splits. Their place as a curator of taste is unmatched. Furthermore, for nearly twenty years The Ruins of Beverast have carved out a reputation as one of the premier black metal bands in the scene. So when they decide to do a split with a much newer band you had better sit up and take notice. This is the starting point from which you've got to pick apart this wonderful new split they've done with Almyrkvi.

When Almyrkvi kick off the split you can tell that they are on some next level stuff. While their previous offerings have been excellent, the two epic length songs that they unveil here are truly excellent. It's another step forward for a truly excellent band. It further establishes them as newfound greats in the scene. When Ruins of Beverast come in with the majestic 'The Grand Nebula Pulse' to launch their side of things its a sort of completing of the circle. It's so thrilling to spend time listening to a band so committed to developing their sound over decades of existence. These two new tracks only add to their wondrous legacy.

This is a split that can't help but to capture the imagination and transport the listener somewhere transcendent. It's rare that you find bands with this level of bombast behind what they do. So to have two of them together on one split makes for a really compelling listen. The fact that each band only brings two songs to the split means that there is high replayability here too. This is a record you're going to get lost in if you are willing to take the time to breathe in and then dive deep into the ethereal magic.

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