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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Mandown - We Want Blood

This is an interesting one. It's heavy rock that borders on the transcendent. Not because of airy keyboards or gorgeous production (Though the production is excellent) but because the band is simply that honest. There is a raw and frantic magic to We Want Blood, and as Mandown guide you through just over ten minutes of rock and roll madness you will find that you want blood too. Yeah, there's a radio rock side to it, but Mandown lean into it, in fact that's a big part of what makes them so much fun.

We Want Blood is an inherently exciting release. This duo are driven forward by blasting drums and quasi shouted vocals. The strange reverberations that give breadth and vision to the EP's opening track, 'Try Or Die', only adds to the hard rocking magic of what's done here. Mandown stick to tried and true heavy rock tropes throughout, infusing stoner and groove metal riffs with a healthy punk energy. The primordial rhythms and pulsating vibes that define this album remind us that fundamentally rock and roll is about letting out the beast within. That's exactly what makes it so fun and so meaningful even after all this time.

Mandown drive towards the beating heart of rock and roll with We Want Blood, and though this offering is only a few minutes long it fills me with hope for what could come from these crazed English rockers. You're going to be fist pumping and bellowing along all night to a band who grasp the simple beauty of heavy rock music and who continually remind us that this is why we got into this stuff in the first place. Mandown are masterful, who are we to deny the simple magic of their existence?

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