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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Esoctrilihum - Eternity Of Shaog

I have been following the slow rise of Esoctrilihum for years now. Signed to one of my favorite avant garde black metal labels, I, Voidhanger, Esoctrilihum have consistently proven that they are among the greats of the underground. There is a certain wicked majesty to their music. It's hard to truly wrap your head around some of what Esoctrilihum is doing on Eternity Of Shaog, but the more time I spend listening to it the more I am enamored with the depth of the compositions and the sheer breadth of talent represented here.

This newest offering, Eternity Of Shaog, functions as a sort of diptych with the previous album, The Telluric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods. On this record the mastermind behind the project, Asthagul dives into reflections on bitter and evil deities, driven mad by power. It makes for epic listening from a band who have built upon their discography to craft some of their best work to date. The mournful and off kilter violin on a track like 'Shayr-Thàs (6th Passage - Walk The Oracular Way)' is a perfect exemplar of the depth that has gone into the compositions here. Meanwhile, the verbose nature of that song title should be a hint to you that this music is very dense - but we like it that way!

There is just so much to unpack within Eternity Of Shaog. It's a massive and richly produced record that is going to take you multiple listens to grasp. This is not avant garde black metal for the faint of heart. Rather it is a demand for you to try harder, seek bolder futures and dive into ever deeper sonic landscapes. This is the sort  of intense and passionate project that makes French black metal so exciting. It's a look into the soul of the artist, even as we cower from elder gods and grasp at the remnants of our sanity.

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