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Monday, May 4, 2020

Serment - Chante, Ô Flamme de la Liberté

Quebecois black metal has always had a special place in the scene. The regions weird cultural bubble and vast landscapes has inspired generations of great music. Serment is the latest band to emerge from Quebec, a side project of Forteresse's Moribond. This is an epic and insightful listen with some truly excellent production. The roaring assault that the band lays out here is masterful and exciting, exactly the sort of thing that keeps those of us dedicated to the underground resistance coming back for more.

Chante, Ô Flamme de la Liberté enchants the listener with its bold and massive soundscapes. Tracks like 'Flamme Hivernale' are epic in scale. They speak to a sort of time forgot, a brash and majestic soundworld painted by monochromatic streams of black metal. It's so satisfying to lose yourself in the massive offerings that Serment brings to the table here. With soaring synths riding on top of searing black metal guitars and blasting drums the project frequently borders on transcendence. I'd even go so far as to say that some moments here show a passion for post black metal I might not have expected. 

This record tells the story of a pact with the Devil and the quest to rediscover Quebecois heritage. The music is the soundtrack to a journey of self discovery and the desire to better understand ones ancestors. Chante, Ô Flamme de la Liberté literally translates to 'Sing, Oh Flame Of Liberty' and that seems to just be a perfect summation of what's going on here. Gorgeously produced black metal with glorious synths and harsh growls seeing an artist trying to delve deeper. To find his personal freedom and perhaps peace.

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  1. Is the good doctor a fan of Serment? What an amazing story. All hail Dr Emu:)