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Friday, May 1, 2020

Evilfeast/Uuntar - Odes To Lands Of Past Traditions (Split)

Those who know me well know that I have been an Evilfeast fan for years. Their unique mix of creepy synths and droning black metal guitars has always captured my imagination. Meanwhile Uuntar has been on my radar for a little while due to 2018's excellent Voorvaderverering. So to have these artists collaborating on a split like Odes To Lands Of Past Traditions is very exciting to see and of course hear. This split sees both bands building on past excellence and reminding us why they are both so respected in the first place.

Evilfeast kicks off the split with a pair of truly excellent pair of tracks. The creeping malice showcased in the 13 minute opener, 'A Castle Enfolded In Crimson Twilight' is especially exciting to me. There is a certain majesty conveyed by the synths and ominous guitars that serves to prove Evilfeast is a master of black metal in the grand old style. As per Uuntar, the Dutch black metal duo very capably proves their mettle with wonderfully barked vocals. The triumphant guitars that kick off 'Zon op de boor' are indicative of the bands ability to conjure up sonic colors. There is a certain grandeur to what they are doing that helps to really cement the magic of this split.

Odes To Lands Of Past Traditions is an excellent addition to both bands catalogues. It is a record that balances the more bombastic elements with its basement dwelling roots. The record sees both bands taking steps forward but also proving that they have a deep understanding of what makes their work so special. Black metal die hards will be charmed by this split that so wonderfully encapsulates the might of the European underground. This is an interesting an highly relistenable release, a must for any trve kvltist.

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