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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Fellahin Fall - Tar A-Kan

Gothic industrial metal has never necessarily been my bag, but I've always loved well executed music. Such is the magic of Fellahin Fall. Toss in the fact that these guys clearly REALLY like Woods of Ypres and Type O Negative and you have yourself a recipe for a record that is guaranteed to be a whole boatload of fun. This is dark and heavy music emerging from the creative morass of Brooklyn evoking the magic of Scandinavian forests and peaceful walks through the forest - it's potent stuff.

Tar A-Kan is at its best a truly mesmerizing record that speaks to the talent of everyone involved. Fellahin Fall are a band who frequently wear their influences on their collective sleeves, but they execute so well that it doesn't really matter. The reassuring thud of the bass and the overarching magic of the synths makes for some truly compelling listening. Tar A-Kan is clearly the product of many months of hard work and the band at their best borders on transcendence. It shows us a group who have come together to put together something that draws on the tropes of old but builds on them in a way that is meaningful and compelling.

This is a record you can really get lost in. Waves of sound fascinate the listener and fuse together a diaspora of genres into a clearly recognizable whole. The band here has found a way to create something compelling and impassioned. It's a record that will enchant the listener and leave them begging for more. I am very curious to hear where the band goes next, this opening salvo of a debut is full of promise. They have a clear vision of grandiose gothic industrial music and the more I dig in the more I love it!

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