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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Ulthar - Providence

Ulthar are one of the most exciting bands in underground death metal right now. Their DIY approach is utterly punishing, the sort of sonic filth that gets so many of us underground freaks excited. Ulthar have a profound understanding of what it means to be DIY and their crippling new record proves that years in the underground can contribute towards creating a death metal record that fascinates listeners, crushes skulls and could eventually come to help define a scene that we all know and love. It's that good.

What Ulthar are doing on Providence is very much in the realm of the new wave of old school death metal - bands like Vastum and Necrot. Their crushing guitar tones and caveman riffs seem set to inspire circle pits across America. As Twenty Buck Skin continue to prove themselves as one of the worlds premier death metal labels, this record shines as a sort of guiding light, a reminder that this band is hear to beat heads in. That being said, there is still a surprising amount of diversity on record, the acoustic intro to 'Undying Spear' for instance is crushing and an absolute head turner.

Providence is a masterful death metal record and one that I think fans are going to keep coming back too. It's a massive step forward for the band over previous releases and the mix of devastating growls and fast and loose snarls make for a unique sonic pallet. The high powered riffage and massive bottom end come together to to contribute to a sound that shows a deep understanding of old school death metal but which feels distinctly modern. Ulthar understand the crippling power of the genre and this is a blow to the throat.

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