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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Fleshvessel - Bile Of Man Reborn

Woah - now THIS is death metal. I, Voidhanger Records has long been a home for forward thinking and avant garde death metal. A place where truly epic and visionary projects could be given the space to evolve into what they needed to be. Yet Bile Of Man Reborn is almost something else entirely. While Fleshvessel do to some extent suffer from bringing too many ideas in at once on this 24 minute EP, they also prove without a dount that they are a one of a kind force who will continually evolve, even if just from the basis of sheer talent alone.

What Fleshvessel are doing here is wholly unique. They fuse punishing death metal with moments of classical music inspired bliss. While on the one hand they gleefully showcase STUNNING prog metal chops (How about that outro solo) they also clearly have a deep knowledge of jazz fusion. On the other hand there is Demilich inspired riffing that drags the whole thing to hell. In other words - if you have a broad taste, not just in metal, but avant music in general then you are going to find a whole lot to sink your teeth into. If that isn't your cup of tea then Fleshvessel is probably going to seem like a bit much.

Bile Of Man Reborn gives you a lot to sink your teeth into and continually shines as a stunning example of exactly what can make death metal so great when you have the audacity to bring in a diverse array of influences. Fleshvessel have created something that is vast in scope and conception, the epic magic of what goes on here is a little bit terrifying. While I certainly do think the band is going to need to evolve past some of their early clunkiness, I also feel like this is the beginning of something grand.

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