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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Taake/Deathcult - Jaertegn

There are splits and there are splits if you know what I mean. Every once in a while a split comes along that is really just pure wish fulfillment on the part of us, the fans. In this case that means a split between two titans of Norwegian black metal, Taake and Deathcult. Not only that though, but each of these groups covers a titan in the genre, with Taake taking on Darkthrone's classic 'Ravnajuv' and Deathcult doing the Beherit essential 'Black Arts'. Jaertegn is truly a split like none other, a fascinating offering.

Taake kick off the split with their trademark ferocity and a deep understanding of what exactly makes black metal so compelling. The way that they spit bile in their new song, 'Slagmark' is delicious and speaks to their ability to maintain their trademark ferocity. Meanwhile their cover of 'Ravnajuv' is wonderfully executed reflecting the magic of the original but giving it their own flare. Deathcult do much the same on their side of this 10 inch. They come out with a surprisingly rocking track, Der Wurger which kicks off with the sound of a motorcycle revving before descending into blackened madness.

Jaertegn is a compelling listen and a wonderful new offering from two of the most exciting bands active in the scene today. Taake and Deathcult both are larger than life sort of acts that you can't easily forget. To hear them come together on a 10 inch is a lot of fun and speaks to the bands unique powers. There is a lot to sink your teeth into here despite the relatively short run time, and in fact this setup really encourages the replayability of the entire thing. Jaertegn is next level stuff and its hard not to be enamored.

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