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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sepulchral Curse - Only Ashes Remain

Man I do love me some good Finnish death metal, and these Turku natives deliver like no other. There is a wonderful madness to their sound that makes their new record, Only Ashes Remain a stellar example of where the genre is at today. The Demilich worshiping sounds of the band here are inherently thrilling. They have an all encompassing assault and crushing riffs guaranteed to get heads banging and necks snapping. The wall of sound that they conjure up on this record is truly fascinating to see.

There is something truly epic about Only Ashes Remain. The way that they conjure up insanity on a track like 'Church Of Loss' is thrilling. But this is brilliantly counterbalanced by the epicness of the following song, 'Dead Stars Drawing Spirals'. The band is able to easily and eagerly evoke bold new futures with their music. They have found a way to fuse the magic of Finnish death metal with something surprisingly forward thinking. The breadth of what they portray here is thrilling, even as they operate largely within the genres tropes. They are simply so goddamn good at what they are doing its impossible to not be in awe.

Sepulchral Curse have done so much here to really put together what is the next step in Finnish death metal. they prove continuously that they have a deep knowledge of their sonic forefathers music. However they take it above and beyond with the quality of their compositions. They take you to a place where you are going to be in awe, excited and curious to see where the band is going to evolve next. At long last Sepulchral Curse are finally executing on their full potential to unleash a record that is truly exciting.

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