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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Shrapnel - Palace For The Insane

I grew up as a thrash metal kid. I had the DRI hat, I had the mosh pit moves, I lived for this shit. Thrash metal was a fundamental part of me. As I've grown as a metalhead I have moved away from thrash metal. There is no particular reason for this, but I just don't listen to as much of it as I did a decade ago. That's part of what makes reviewing the new record from Shrapnel, Palace For The Insane, all the more compelling. This is a band who bring out that nostalgic Euro-thrash sound that will kick up pits across the world.

Shrapnel place a focus on the more Vio-Lence and even Annihilator inspired side of the genre. There are big burly riffs meant for skating too. The big choruses and angular guitars are a blast to sink your teeth into and the more time you spend headbanging to this the more it starts to come together. Shrapnel are the UK's great British thrash hopes and they come at it with a boatload of swagger and a sense of heavy metal triumph. Even from the opening glorious harmonies of 'Might Of Cygnus' it's clear - on their third record the band have managed to go above and beyond, tearing out throats of thrashers across the world.

It's clear to hear that these songs were designed for the live stage. You can see the bodies flying as they mosh their way through rager after rager. With tight riffs and shouted vocals, colored by a few flashy solos it rapidly becomes clear, Palace For The Insane is a thrash metal treat. How can you not want to stagedive to the raw energy encapsulated here. It's a fun listen and one that metallers of all stripes will love as long as they like to slam beers, turn it up loud and headbang all night and all day. Shrapnel fuckin' get it.

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  1. Awesome! Cheers Matt appreciate it. Really glad you like it!!!

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