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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

-(16)- - Dream Squasher

It's kind of strange to think that it's been 4 years since the last -(16)- album. These sludge masters have been at it for nearly thirty years though, and a four year break is honestly par for the course for them. If that's what it takes to put together some of the best sludge metal in the world though then that's fine with me! Their new record Dream Squasher is a monumental offering, focusing on more devastating riffs, and integrating Bobby Ferry taking over on lead vocals.  It's a strange shift, but definitely one that works.

For -(16)- die hards you will be pleased to know that this record, due out June 5th, very much builds on past tropes of the band. Their monumental performances on tracks like 'Summer of 96' is addictive. The gnashing of teeth that defines frontman Bobby Ferry's vocal style is truly cool to hear come to life. Though this is his first album fronting the band after nearly thirty years of holding it down on guitar, he absolutely kills it. The hardcore frills that define the stomp of tracks like 'Screw Unto Others' is also weirdly fun. Though they are spitting out music full of vitriol, their willingness to go for the throat is delightful.

-(16)- have gone and done it, moved a step further and proven that they are more than the sum of their parts. Though they are down to two original members now, Dream Squasher sees the band at their most vicious. The colossal sounds that they unveil on this record are thrilling and a testament to just how good they have always been. With massive fucking guitar tones and some truly top tier execution, it's easy to see why the band are frequently hailed as among the best to ever do it. Dream Squasher is a monster.

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